Internet Service Provider- Capped ADSL

Premium High Speed Unshaped ADSL

Unshaped high speed ADSL to connect to the internet is the way to go. As your Internet Service provider (ISP) we will serve you the internet as fast as your telephone line can manage. Got a 10mbps line then you will have internet at 10mbsp. Do the test. Don't have ADSL line yet, test to see if your area can get access to a line, or test the lines speeds in your area.

What you need for ADSL:

  • A Telkom voice telephone line.
  • ADSL line activated on your voice line.
  • An ADSL Modem/Router.
  • ADSL Package from IDS.

Your Internet Service Provider:

You will be connected to the latest high speed ADSL technology. Reliable internet access, easily managed via your IDS client area. The ADSL Speed is line dependent, our ISP will always match your lines maximum available speed. Use the ADSL Checker to see if your area has been upgraded to include ADSL on your Telkom Line.

Business & Home Broadband to meet every Budget! 



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL



Internet Service Provider

  • Capped ADSL

We Supply the ADSL Line Facility Too.

ADSL needs a voice line but that voice line needs to be activated for the digital ADSL signal, and depending on the speed line required for your ADSL the cost changes. See the table below for a breakdown of the ADSL line cost. This is a Telkom cost that we administer it for you. Our cost for this is lower than Telkom's, and will endeavour to keep it that way.

Up to 1Mbps
Up to 2Mbps
Up to 4Mbps
Up to 8Mbps
Up to 10Mbps
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 40Mbps
Per Month

More about Internet Connectivity and your ISP

How do I get connected to ADSL?

To use our Internet Connectivity facility you will need to have or get a Telkom line that includes an ADSL facility, Telkom will advise on this. You will need an ADSL modem / router, then you can purchase an ADSL product from us, login to your new router and insert the new ADSL username & password, then restart the router, you will be connected.

What is Bandwidth Roll over?

3 months bandwidth roll over. Your monthly bandwidth not used does not expire for 3 months. It will continue to roll over to the next month, 3 times, always using the oldest bandwidth first. What ever is not used in January, rolls over to February, January's bandwidth is used up first in February before February's bandwidth is used.

What is ADSL?

What is Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line? It's your home or business internet connection often referred to as Broadband. ADSL is a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, data communications that allows for fast data transmission over copper telephone lines rather than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. Asymmetrical because it downloads faster than uploads since this is how we browse versus SDSL, same up and down - Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line.

Do you provide the Telkom Line & Router?

You will need to contact Telkom directly for your voice line and purchase your own router. Here is a link to see if your area is set up for ADSL services. We do offer a DSL line facility. You will need a Telkom voice line, we can set you up for the DSL facility and the ISP to connect to the internet. Please contact us to find out more about our Combo Products, ie ADSL and DSL line.

Do you offer Uncapped ADSL?

We do supply Uncapped ADSL, uncapped ADSL is sold based on speed, from 1Mbps to 40Mbps.

What is Unshaped Bandwidth?

Unshaped bandwidth does not limit your internet traffic at all. Unshaped bandwidth can be used on all internet applications including Streaming, Gaming, Youtube, Netflix, VOIP etc. 

How many connections per ADSL account?

There is TEN concurrent account connected to the ADSL at a time. This means at TEN location, at each location you can have as many as your modem and line can handle.

What is Dynamic DNS?

This allows you to add a hostname that stays the same even when your ISP IP changes. You can thus address your router externally should you wish to and even host your own website. 

Do I pay for after hours data?

We do not include free after hour usage at this time. This facility will be added to our features shortly, stay tuned.

Can I view my data usage & history online?

Yes you can, via your IDS client area and with a direct login link to your ADSL admin area provided in your welcome email.

Can I view my data usage & history online?

Yes you can, via your IDS client area and with a direct login link to your ADSL admin area provided in your welcome email.

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