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November 4, 2016

Why Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting in today's world is a completely different 'animal' to what is was a few years back. Many in the industry who hear of this type of hosting today still believes it to be inferior. It might have been before, but with the advance made in server power, lowering machine cost, greatly improved software and security measure, shared hosting has become stable, reliable and amazingly cost effective.Although Shared Hosting in our opinion can be used in most website applications, it's not suitable for every occasion and script. it is used mostly for entry level projects, but can and is used for some very large sites and applications....
November 3, 2016

Introduction to Business Hosting

When you are ready to select a Hosting Package for a Website or embark on a Website Project, there are a number of key issues to look at. One can draw up a pretty complicated flow diagrams to direct you through the process. From our experience most people seem to jump in the deep end and deal with issues or obstacles during the process or find out afterwards that there are problems or better ways to get a better result. This of course is a huge generalisation but most will agree there is a bit of truth in this way of doing things....
June 5, 2016

What is WordPress?

It is software that is used to publish blog websites! Its very good software, open sourced thus cost effective and extremely flexible to do more than just blogs (web logs). WordPress although best suited for blog websites, can be easily configure to be used for more traditional websites with many pages and a full menu structure, including a full shopping cart and many more really good plugins. WordPress Content Managed websites have been around for a long time, so why blog about it....
April 5, 2016

Email only Hosting Packages

Why do I need my own domain for an email account? To have a custom email address is the purpose of the exercise, for your business etc. is an example. You or us register the ‘mydomain’ with the relevant registrar, like,, etc and you add in the name before the @ sign via your Control panel, here you can add anyname or word. The custom email creates a good impression all round for a business, club etc. As your business grows and you employ more staff you can allocate each with a new corporate email address which you can set up to be accessed via your email client such as MS Outlook,MS Express, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. at no extra cost.
February 5, 2016

How to Start a New Website

Do I really need a Website? If you can answer this question honestly you can save yourself a lot of money and hard work. If you do not need a site and force your way to setting one up it may just end up being a pet project/hobby, nice to have, but does not serve a purpose. Will it add value? What are my goals for my website? What do you want to achieve with the site, have you got a clear goal/s in mind? Your goal might even be to learn to put a site together, it may not always be about marketing a product or service....
December 5, 2015

VPS Hosting

So what is all this fuss about VPS Hosting? In order to know what VPS hosting is you should know what Shared hosting is first as its a large step better than shared. What is shared hosting? A server that shares resources between all the websites. As one uses resources it affects another on the same server. It's generally cheaper as more users can share resources. a number of limitations such as email usage & CPU usage ....
November 5, 2015

Internet Domains and How They Work

How important is the Domain name? The domain name is a very important factor in getting traffic to your site if you are depending on organic search engine traffic, ie traffic from a search engine such as Google that has found your site by means on there bots and not using a sponsored advert approach...
November 5, 2015

What is Hosting?

This question is asked many thousands of times on Google PER MONTH.Hosting by IDS Hosting So it makes sense to answer it ……. This term can be used in a few disciplines, Internet have adopted it as well. Its in the IT world that we will discuss HOSTING briefly. As a HOSTING company its very important to our clients that this term is well understood....
November 5, 2015

FAQ Hosting

What is Hosting a domain? As with a website, a domain (which is the website's address) also needs to be hosted somewhere. International domains such as .com & .net, .co, .org etc are hosted at the domain registrar, this means you can approach a domain registrar, like ENOM or Godaddy & purchase a domain without a hosting package, in a place to install a website. These domain hosts or domain registrar’s normally give you admin access to update the domain's nameservers to point to a website. Your hosting company will give you the Name Server and then your domain is pointing to your website, this process can take up to 48 hours to resolve. BUT with our South African users, the CO.ZA registrar does not HOST YOUR DOMAIN, the domain is hosted with the hosting company, such as IDS HOSTING. The registrar only diverts the request to the hosting company....
May 5, 2015

Designing A Website

When faced with the challenge of setting up a new website what’s the first thing one generally thinks of? The look of the website! And so we set off to create a look and feel, then we start filling it with info, normally adding pages as we create until we feel enough has been said … does this sound familiar? You might not do the website yourself, but probably followed the same thought pattern to some degree. What you have now is a website which looks OK or maybe even good, filled with information, now what do you need to do?

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