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The IDS Website Builder is a Free Builder for our Hosting clients. An HTML website builder based on Drop and Drag technology. The builder is particularly strong on website responsivity. Easy and Fun to use.

What is the IDS Website Builder

The IDS Website Builder is an easy to use Drop and Drag builder to build your website. Its included on all hosting package except those dedicated for emails, where a builder is not required.

The IDS Website Builder has many categorized free templates to choose from, so you will get a quick start to building your site rather than building from scratch. There are over 230 templates and more added regularly. The builder is particularly good at building responsive sites and being able to view the sites with different screen sizes as well.  One advantage of these sites are they are very fast to load and makes looking through the site a pleasure as there is very little waiting, thus giving your clients a frustration free user experience. Another advantage to these sites is that they are pure html this means they are safe and very little chance of them getting compromised.

This page is dedicated to the IDS Website Builder tutorials, it can be used to get an overview of the builder, dig deeper into details as well as for reference. There is a tutorial for each menu item on the builder making it simple to reference what you are looking for. More interactive tutorials will be added to this page, building on the existing PDF tuts.


PDF tutorials

Video Tutorials

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