Budget Websites

We Build your Budget Website for you starting at R1500 once off.

Using the IDS Responsive Drop & Drag Affordable Website Builder makes it fast, good looking and Easy to Edit.

IDS Hosting launches an Affordable Website Development Product. We will design and build you a brochure type website of up to 10 pages at an affordable price. Websites are not sold off a shelf, each site needs to be built which of course takes time, however we believe that via our interactive online form you can give us all info required and from this we can fast track your development and save time.

We will build your Budget Website on our very own IDS Website Builder, since we are so confident in its capacity and functionality. The advantage here is that once we are finished and uploaded it to your IDS Hosting account you can access the same site on your IDS Website Builder via your cPanel and make changes and add to the site as required.

Here is a link to our website builder demo and the templates available DEMO LINK.

Take a look at the IDS Website builder and decide if you want to build your own website or should we do it for you. Look through the 190 templates and see which one appeals to you. If you want us to build your Budget Website for you, let us know what template you like via the online form provided.

The IDS Websites are Responsive and the Builder is Responsive as well. This means the site looks great on all device screen sizes but the bonus is the builder we supply via your cPanel is also Responsive, so going forward after handover you can easily continue building or adding to your site even on your mobile phone.

We will build you a Budget Website for only R1500

Good quality, Super Fast, Easy to Update, that's right, once off payment of R1500, plus your hosting package from R40/month.

Budget Website 3 Pages

R 1500

Fast Editable HTML Website
Deposit: 50%

Very Fast

Easy to Edit

Easy to Upgrade

HTML Website

Responsive Website

Order Now!

Budget Website 5 Pages

R 2500

Fast Editable HTML Website
Deposit: 50%

Responsive Builder

HTML code

Easy to Backup

Easy to Restore

Simple Translations

Order Now!

Budget Website 10 Pages

R 5000

Fast Editable HTML Website
Deposit: 50%

Afrikaans Translation

Easy Social Media

Map Facility

Free Image Gallery

Full SEO Functionality

Order Now!
  • You will need at least a Brochure Hosting Package.
  • If you do not have a hosting package: Select a Brochure package or larger.
  • To proceed with your Budget Website, select a Budget Website package above.
  • Once this has been set up via our Admin, we will send you a link to upload your sites content and images.
  • We will start your site after we have sent you an invoice for 50% and have received the proof of payment.
  • We will develop your site on a development link and send the link to you for comment.
  • When you are happy or after 3 changes (note we allow for 3 updates only), we will invoice for the final 50%.
  • Don't despair you will get access after handover to make more changes, its really easy.
  • Upon proof of payment for the final 50% your site will be uploaded to your account and published.
  • Once live on your account you can access and edit. Once uploaded onto your account the site is deemed complete and handed over. Remember to BACKUP.

Are you a budding web developer and or just looking for an way easy to use HTML website builder for those quick and easy website developments?

Here is our recommendation:

  1. Purchase a Brochure hosting package for R40/month with your branded domain for R95/year
  2. With it you get the full IDS Website builder for 10 addon domains, ie 10 websites on one hosting package.
  3. When you have reached 10 sites, you can upgrade or open a new Brochure hosting package
  4. Build Websites using the IDS Website Builder, its so easy.

Here is another recommendation:

  1. Purchase a Brochure hosting package for R40/month with your branded domain for R95/year
  2. With it you get the full IDS Website builder for 10 addon domains, ie 10 websites on one hosting package.
  3. But then let us build your Budget HTML Websites for you, from R500 for three pages to R1500 for 10 pages.
  4. Just send your clients to our upload form or add the data required yourself and we will build their website site for you.
  5. Come talk to us and we will streamline a process that will suit you and your (new) development business.

Let us assist with a detailed quotation for a complete 'turn key' CMS website development for you and then you can decide how best to proceed with your new website project.

Follow one or more of these links to the IDS Web Development Website to view the Portfolio Page and fill in the simple Quotation Form.

What Hosting do you need for your Budget Website Development?

Unsure still? We recommend the Website or Brochure Shared Hosting Packages

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