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Build your own good looking website in no time with the IDS Website Builder

Building Your Website by Drop and Drag in minutes with IDS Website Builder, included in all Hosting packages.

The IDS Website Builder is a browser-based application for creating and editing your web site. The process is simple and based upon drop & drag. Drag & Drop text areas and images where you want them. This interface allows you to create, modify and update your own web sites eliminating the need for HTML and CSS knowledge. This option is available to all IDS Hosting clients who have purchased a website hosting package. This facility is accessed in the cPanel control panel. Just click the IDS Website Builder Icon and start building

Don't just take our word for it, here is a DEMO LINK, test drive and see how simple it is.

And now we not only offer a Responsive Website facility, the IDS Website Builder itself is also Responsive, so you can easily Build Your Website on any device or screen size, you can even Build Your Website on the go.

IDS Website Builder

All you need, to build a great website or websites for your clients.

This is how to start with your own Website Builder.

  • Select any Shared Hosting package or VPS Hosting package.
  • During the above process select a domain that's available, eg:
  • When the hosting package is created all info. is emailed, including cPanel login.
  • In the WELCOME email all links and access codes are provided.
  • In the cPanel you will find a link/icon to take you to the IDS Website Builder.
  • Select the builder icon and then select the template of your choice.
  • Build your website adding text, images, pages, forms etc.
  • Click PUBLISH to go live.
  • Remember to BACKUP, using the back up facility on the website builders panel.
  • Not sure of what hosting to purchase, we recommend the Website Package.
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Website Templates

  • e-Commerce
  • Art
  • Bootstrap style
  • Business
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Food
  • Health
  • Hotels

Website Categories

  • Landing page
  • Media
  • Nature
  • Personal page
  • Services
  • Social
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Under construction

Website Builder

  • Really Easy to Use
  • Autosave included
  • Responsive Websites
  • Responsive Builder
  • Drop & Drag HTML
  • Very Fast Websites
  • Built in SEO Functionality
  • Many Diverse Templates
  • HTML module in full version
  • Free Picture Gallery
  • Easy Forms

Drop & Drag

  • Drag in Text and Images
  • Position Content Easily
  • Auto Save
  • Download Backup
  • Restore Builder
  • Restore to another Builder
  • Preview in your Browser
  • Adjust design to screen sizes
  • Set Global Styles
  • Set Specific Styles
  • Advanced Translation Feature

Free Website Builder Included

After researching a large number of possible website builders we found this gem of a site builder. we knew it would meet the needs of our long standing and new Hosting clients. The IDS Website Builder has many great features, but you will need to test drive it to really appreciate these and the ease at which you can Build a Website. Plus new features, facilities and templates are being added all the time. One Great Feature is to Build a Website with Translation built in. Afrikaans Translationfacility has recently been added.

Drop & Drag Simplicity with Business Opportunities

The IDS Website Builder has endless design possibilities based on simple Drop & Drag, functionality and styling is almost infinite. When watching our clients publishing from the Website Builder we are constantly amazed at the quality and good looking sites being published. A Great Business Opportunity is to develop sites on our demo or on your own account, download and save. Upload to your clients IDS Hosting Account where you can keep access to the builder for later updates or hand access over to your clients for further updates.

How many sites can I set up and is there a cost?

With every NEW SHARED and VPS website hosting package you are entitled to as many Free Site Builders as you need. Every Time you create a new sub-domains or an addon domain, you have access to a  Site Builder for each new folder created. Editing and changes/uploads can be made as many times as you wish to your website. Click publish and the changes are uploaded and the updates are live. As your sites requirements change over time so you update and keep it relevant, no paying, no waiting for the site to be updated. Simple drop and drag, update, publish and it's done. To update/edit your website, login to your cPanel, select the Website Builder icon, select the website you wish to edit, make your changes and click publish and the changes are live.

What Hosting do you need for your new Website Builder?

Unsure still? We recommend the Website or Brochure Shared Hosting Packages

UNSURE! - Contact us for information and advise!
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Would you prefer to outsource your website development?
Do you feel this is all too much and not enough time?

Let us assist with a detailed quotation for a complete 'turn key' website development for you and then you can decide how best to proceed with your new website project.

Follow one or more of these links to the IDS Web Development Website to view the Portfolio Page and fill in our interactive Quotation Form.
A Business Opportunity!
Are you a budding web developer and or just looking for an easy to use HTML website builder for those quick and easy website developments?

Here is our recommendation:
  1. Purchase a Brochure hosting package for R40/month with your branded domain for R95/year
  2. With it you get the full IDS Website builder for 10 addon domains, ie 10 websites on one hosting package.
  3. When you have reached 10 sites, you can upgrade or open a new Brochure hosting package
  4. Contact us for more information and ideas.

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