Email Archiving

Backup emails directly off the server (your hosting) to the cloud securely.

  • Are your emails filling up your hosting server all the time?
  • Do you have so many emails that you (legally or otherwise) cannot delete, but no where to keep them? (backup)
  • Are you battling to find information from old emails and attachments? (search)
  • Has your PC crashed and lost all your old emails? (restore)
  • Do you wish to upgrade your PC and pull all your old emails easily with you? (migrate)
  • Have you ever wanted to search all your email accounts at once? (advance search)
email backup info graphic

eMail Backup


Email Archiving & Restore

eMail Backup


Email Archiving & Restore

eMail Backup


Email Archiving & Restore

eMail Backup


Email Archiving & Restore

The Email Backup/Archiving facility is a practical solution to prevent your hosting package/s from filling up with emails with the added bonus of being able to do the following with your emails while archived:

  • Search
  • Restore
  • Migrate
  • Attachment Links
  • The process is a simple one:

    • Purchase the email backup facility.
    • We send you a link & login codes to your new email backup admin area.
    • You add your existing email accounts to your new email backup account.
    • We fetch emails securely off your hosting server once a day to the backup facility.
    • You have a searchable backup of all emails sent to all your email accounts.

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