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Speciality Hosting: eCommerce Business Hosting for the professional online entrepreneur.

Hosting Technology for eCommerce. Configured for online business by online business experts.
Online shopping is still in its infancy, join the leaders and be apart of the eShop revolution taking your professional services directly to your market. 

What is eCommerce Hosting?
Hosting package are generally set up to try cater for most website types. This is not always possible. eCommerce or online shops do have special needs which is evident to us as we have interacted with our clients and seen what works and what does not.

eCommerce needs a fast scalable server with more emphasis on bandwidth than space, but not neglecting space and ease of increase/upgrading for more space all within a VPS environment to be cost effective and less likely to lose needed resource as a result of another user on the same server.

For these reasons we have configured eCommerce Hosting which is easy and cost effective to start and as easy to upgrade as the shop and clients grow.
Hosting OpenCart
Hosting Presta Shop
Hosting Magento
Hosting ZenCartZen Cart
Hosting osCommerceosCommerce
Hosting Abante CartAbante Cart
Open Cart eCommerce
One of the most popular and robust eCommerce scripting packages is Open Cart. As the name indicates its open source and its supported by many developers who have made many plugins available for virtually every opportunity.

When purchasing the above eCommerce packages we will present you with some relevant Open Cart plugins and assistance as addons to fast track your Open Cart website.

As more relevant plugins are placed in the market we will update what we think can be used on your site to give you an advantage in an ever increasing competitive environment.

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