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Fast, Affordable & Efficient Hosting to Suit any Budget!!

The most popular of all Hosting Types. Shared Hosting, sharing resources on powerful servers with a full house of features and facilities, is what we offer. The choice made by most Business Entrepreneurs. This Hosting Package Type will suit most Website and Email requirements. So confident that we even offer it to our Corporate Clients, plus we use it ourselves on our many self managed Business Websites. One Stop Online Business Communication is our game and this includes No Nonsense Scalable Hosting. IDS Shared Hosting is our Personal Business Hosting choice has not let us or our clients down. See for yourself.

Shared Hosting Features include the Full House of cPanel Hosting facilities plus many more Custom Modules that puts you and your hosting high up on the Technology ladder, giving you a greater advantage, email and website stability and continuity.

Included at no extra cost is the IDS Website Builder, take it for a test drive today. Browse through the nearly 200 amazing Website Template Designs and ideas you can choose from to build your website, using any of the Shared Hosting packages.

Various Shared Hosting Packages have been created for your convenience. Made an incorrect selection? Do not worry, nothing is cast in stoned here, it can be instantly changed. Unsure? Please contact us for more advise.

What is Shared Hosting and will it work for me?

Shared Hosting is generally accepted as the most cost effective hosting platform available. This is where there are a number users on one server or network of servers sharing resources. Shared Hosting is normally used for small to medium websites where high ongoing server resources are NOT required. Shared hosting does not need to be slow, but this depends on the server/s used and or power allocated to the server/s if they are set up in a virtual environment.

Servers used for the IDS Hosting Shared Local Hosting are super fast due to 24 powerful CPU's, 34gb memory and SSD drivers. SSD Drives are extremely fast latest technology hard drives with no mechanical moving parts and fetch and carry data many times faster than a mechanical hard drive. Due to the immensely powerful servers used, the IDS Hosting Shared products continue to work through thick and thin. Try it for yourself!

To test the server speed here is a demo site URL from one of our website builder templates.

  • Free Website Builder
  • Auto Program installer
  • Email Backup Available
  • SSD Drives
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Locally Hosted
  • cPanel Driven
  • SPAM Experts
  • Virus Scanning
  • Greylisting SPAM
  • Malware Scanner
  • RAID Drives
  • Redundant Power
  • Overage Packages
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Premium Website Builder

Shared Hosting in today's world is a completely different 'animal' to what is was a few years back. Many in the industry who hear of this type of hosting today still believes it to be inferior. It might have been before, but with the advance made in server power, lowering machine cost, greatly improved software and security measure, shared hosting has become stable, reliable and amazingly cost effective.

Although Shared Hosting in our opinion can be used in most website applications, it's not suitable for every occasion and script. it is used mostly for entry level projects, but can and is used for some very large sites and applications.

If you look at a scenario of an entry level website and email facility from a new business, especially an online business not so much a brochure type website facility. At some point if the online business keeps growing the website, database and email server will require more power, more memory, space, custom server settings, dedicated IPs, higher levels of security, and dedicated server or larger VPS infrastructure will be needed. Quite often the hosting provider might approach the online business to say that the shared environment is not going to be so effective and a better solution can be found.

For the business that' just showcases its products online with a contact form etc, this scenario can remain comfortable on a shared hosting environment for its entire lifetime and operate at its most efficient without a dedicated solution.

Shared Hosting is also scalable which allows for growth. Need more space, its usually just a case of upgrading to a larger package or subscribing to more space on the same hosting package. IDS Hosting offers an overage facility which allows for growth in space usage, over and above the subscribed capacity.

For Business Entrepreneurs serious about managing risk and staying online no matter the odds, we recommend the Business Hosting Package. Based on a shared environment initially. it's a one stop get it all no matter what's needed. A bolt on approach with easy to set up and configure to what's required at the time, as the business conditions change so the facility is tweaked to s new level.

More Shared Hosting info - Click here
  Blogger Brochure Website Business Premium Corporate
Data Space 0.5gb 1gb 3gb 5gb 7gb 25gb
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Account 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Lists 0 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 0 10 30 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains 5 10 30 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains 5 10 30 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains 0 10 30 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Builder Light Premium Premium Premium Premium Premium
Locally Hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Softaculous, 300+ program installer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RAID & Redundant Power Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
inodes soft cap 50 000 100 000 150 000 200 000 250 000 300 000
inodes hard cap 55 000 120 000 170 000 220 000 270 000 350 000
cycling web site builder
creative web builders
beauty templates
web builders for vets
my story web builders

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