Custom Hosting

Scale Your Website Effortlessly with Our Affordable Custom Hosting!

Take control of your hosting with our customizable services. Pay only for what you need and easily upgrade or downgrade from your client area. No more unnecessary expenses.

What is Custom Hosting?

As the market for hosting and hosting packages grows, some clients desire a more specific, cost-effective, and flexible solution. Our Custom Hosting Package is designed for businesses and organizations seeking a leaner approach. Resellers appreciate this product, as it allows them to build tailored solutions for clients. Custom Hosting packages can be easily customized even after creation via our IDS client area. Scalability is key, with a wide range of options for any organization size, including space, email accounts, databases, addon domains, and dedicated IP/s. Update your requirements as needed with no limitations.

To update your hosting requirements, simply log in to our IDS client area as the account holder or delegate login access to a sub-account. From there, you can select the desired service and easily upgrade or downgrade as needed.

Custom Hosting can be used by any organization, regardless of its size. There's a wide range of options to choose from, including the required space and email accounts, databases, addon domains, and dedicated IP/s. Scalability is key, allowing you to customize the hosting package to meet your exact needs, and you can update it as required with no limitations.

Custom Hosting

from R20/month

Space : 1 to 10Gb

Bandwidth: from 10Gb/month

Emails: 0 to 100

Addon Domains: 0 to 20

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Custom Hosting

from R200/month

Space : 20 to 100Gb

Bandwidth: from 100Gb/month

Emails: 0 to 1000

Addon Domains: 0 to 200

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  • Base Cost
  • Disk Space
  • Sub Domains
  • Shell Access
  • MySQL Data Bases
  • Bandwidth Required
  • Parked Domains
  • Dedicated IP/s
  • FTP Accounts
  • Email Accounts
  • Addon Domains
  • CGI Access

Custom Business Hosting comes with twelve (12) custom variables that are commonly used in most Hosting Accounts. These variables have a wide range to choose from, typically starting from zero (0) and reaching a maximum number that is rarely exceeded by users. However, if higher variables are needed, we remain flexible and ready to assist.

To create and manage the account, there is a base cost, after which variables can be added to adjust the final cost. The cost updates are dynamic and can be used when adding or removing functionality.

Custom Hosting is used quite extensively by our Resellers to tailor make hosting package for their clients or for services required for clients where development is required. The flexibility of Custom Hosting does not stop after the initial creation. Once created and rendered the adjust of resources can continue from with the users client area. This is done after selecting the required service and then selection the upgrade/downgrade link in the side column.


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