Custom Hosting

Highly Scalable Custom Hosting at Affordable Prices!!

No Nonsense Custom Hosting. No more paying for what you do not want. Order the services you want, pay for what you use. Upgrade or downgrade from your own client area.  Be in control of your hosting.

What is Custom Hosting?

Hosting and Hosting Packages have been evolving as the market for these products have grown. There is however a new clientele that wants to be more specific on what they want and also knows what they want. This Custom Hosting Package is for Business and Organisations who prefer a leaner, cost effective and flexible solution. Our resellers also love this product as they can build an exact solution for their clients and bill accordingly. The beauty of Custom Hosting is the ease to which these packages can be customized even after they have been created and into the future.

As the account holder you login into the IDS client area or delegate the login to a sub-account, from there select the service, select upgrade/downgrade and update your hosting requirements.

Custom Hosting can be used by any organizations no matter the size. The space and email accounts required, databases needed, addon domains, dedicated IP/s etc have a wide range to choose from.  Scalability is key, how big or small you want it, it is up to you,  and this can be updated as required with no limitations. 

Custom Hosting

from R20/month

Space : 1 to 10Gb

Bandwidth: from 10Gb/month

Emails: 0 to 100

Addon Domains: 0 to 20

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Custom Hosting

from R200/month

Space : 20 to 100Gb

Bandwidth: from 100Gb/month

Emails: 0 to 1000

Addon Domains: 0 to 200

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  • Base Cost
  • Disk Space
  • Sub Domains
  • Shell Access
  • MySQL Data Bases
  • Bandwidth Required
  • Parked Domains
  • Dedicated IP/s
  • FTP Accounts
  • Email Accounts
  • Addon Domains
  • CGI Access

Custom Business Hosting comes standard with twelve (12) custom variables used in most Hosting Account. These variables have wide ranges to choose from, most of which start from Zero (0) to a maximum number where most users would never reach. Should higher variables be required we remain flexible and are able to assist. A base cost is required for the creation and ongoing management of the account, thereafter the variables are added to adjust to a final cost. The cost updates are dynamic and can be used when adding or removing functionality. 

Custom Hosting is used quite extensively by our Resellers to tailor make hosting package for their clients or for services required for clients where development is required. The flexibility of Custom Hosting does not stop after the initial creation. Once created and rendered the adjust of resources can continue from with the users client area. This is done after selecting the required service and then selection the upgrade/downgrade link in the side column.


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