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Easy to follow guideline on what Hosting Product to select for your unique Hosting requirements! Already familiar with our Hosting Products? Skip to the groups showcased below and Select a Group and Hosting Package for your new hosting facility.

What is Website & Email Hosting?

Website & Email Hosting refers to the space on a server where a website can be built and where emails are delivered to, to be downloaded later to your own phone, PC, tablet, etc. These services can be included within the same hosting package, which is configured for various purposes.

Why do I need a Domain?

A domain is the address that directs users to your website. Without it, they wouldn't be able to find your website, or they would need to type in a list of numbers (known as the IP) to view your website. As it can be difficult to remember numbers, we use a name instead, like or

Why do I need a Domain and a Hosting Package?

The domain is the address, while the hosting package is the destination where all the programs are kept to receive your emails and load your website. Both are required and work together. Your email account also takes on the domain name. For example, if the domain is, then an example of an email address that would work is or

How do I select the correct Hosting Package?

IDS Hosting Package configuration can help you select the best package for your purpose. The Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting are the two main types of Website Hosting and can be used for many different purposes. The Reseller, WordPress, eCommerce, and Emails Hosting are variations of Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. Understanding these options can help you determine what will work best for you, based on what you want to use your website for.

I still do not know what Hosting Package to select!

If you're unsure of which hosting package to select, don't worry - hosting packages can be easily changed by us. We recommend starting with the Shared Hosting Group below and selecting the Brochure Package for R50/month, or the most popular and widely used Hosting Package: Website Hosting for R70/month. This package offers 3GB of space, unlimited traffic, and unlimited email accounts. Plus, if you go over the 3GB limit, we can set this up as an overage package and invoice you monthly for the additional space used at R20/GB. If you delete data to below the 3GB cap, the overage billing stops.

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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting: This cost-effective option allows multiple users to share a server and its resources. Our high-tech servers ensure that there is always enough resources to meet the needs of each user.

Brochure & Static Websites

Entry to Small eCommerce

Small to Medium

Shared Hosting

Email Hosting

Email Hosting: These hosting packages are designed solely for email use. The cPanel is configured with email-only features and email size limitations. Email facilities are included in all of our hosting packages, but email hosting is the ideal choice when a website is not needed.

Shared email hosting

VPS email hosting

VPS business email hosting

Email Hosting

Business Hosting

Business Hosting: The ideal package for entrepreneurs seeking a scalable and cutting-edge service that safeguards their data, leverages it as a resource, and helps them expand their market share.

All Business types

All eCommerce websites

All CMS Websites

Business Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting: is a tailored hosting solution designed specifically for the popular CMS script, WordPress. Given its widespread use, it deserves a specialized package that allows us to offer exceptional script support and security assistance.

Used for all Business

Stable eCommerce

Admin access to update

WordPress Hosting

eCommerce Hosting

eCommerce Hosting: Power up your online store with our hosting packages built to handle high traffic and space requirements. Our VPS structure ensures maximum resource utilization, while shared local high-speed eCommerce is also available.

Open Cart eCommerce

Prestashop eCommerce

Magenta eCommerce

eCommerce Hosting

Custom Hosting

Custom Hosting: Get a tailor-made hosting solution that suits your business and organizational requirements. Choose what you need, dial it in, and update as you go. Enjoy safe, easy, and affordable hosting services that fit your needs.

All Purpose Websites 

Small to Large Organisations

All Popular CMS Websites

Custom Hosting

Introuduction to Business Hosting and Development. When it comes to selecting a hosting package for your website or starting a website project, there are several important things to consider. Some people use complex flow diagrams to guide them through the process, but many just dive in and deal with any issues as they come up, or discover problems later on. While this approach can work, it often leads to suboptimal results.

At our company, we've been in the website hosting and development business for a long time, and we've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We can offer helpful guidance on website development, as well as how to integrate it with your business model, marketing, and digital marketing strategies.

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