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Welcome to our Email Hosting page. At times, it is necessary to have Website Hosting and Email Hosting set up on different servers for various reasons. We understand this need and have designed our hosting packages accordingly. Our Business Email Hosting is specifically tailored to provide you with a simple, clutter-free experience focused only on Email Hosting. Our cPanel displays only relevant Email Hosting features, making it easy for you to manage your email accounts with ease. Moreover, our Email Hosting account can be upgraded to a full website hosting package instantly whenever you need it.

Email Archiving

Backing up your business emails is crucial, and we can't stress its importance enough. In today's digital age, emails have become a valuable source of information, and accessing them easily is vital. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution that includes a variety of features, including our Email Backup facility.
If you're wondering what email hosting is, we're here to explain. Email hosting is a type of hosting service that is focused solely on emails. It includes all the necessary features to manage and access your emails easily, such as a full webmail facility where you can view and download emails from any device.

When email hosting and website hosting are set up on different servers, the email hosting service domain is usually shortened for ease of use. For example, if your website URL is, your email domain might be

Not every business needs a website, and an email hosting facility might be all that's required. We can offer you a simple email hosting solution without any fuss or bother. However, if you do require a website, a full hosting package is probably the best option, as it includes a website builder and the flexibility to upgrade for more space and traffic.

There are many ways to structure your email hosting account to suit your needs. If you need advice or assistance, please feel free to contact us for more information and options.

Shared & Business cPanel based Emails

Email Shared

R 250 /year

Email Hosting - cPanel

Space: 250Mb

Bandwidth: 1Gb/month

This email hosting package offers a customized domain and online webmail access. You can also access your email via clients like MS Outlook and Thunderbird. Perfect for light email use, this package allows for easy management of email accounts. However, it is not suitable for bulk emailing due to low server storage space.

Email Business

R 70 /month

Email Hosting - cPanel

Space: 3Gb

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Suitable for General Business Emailing. Overage on Space applies on this account once subscribed space levels are reached.  Overage Charged monthly. Overage: R20/GB per month. Recommended for use in a business/office environment and high speed emailing, unsuitable for bulk mailing. Unlimited email accounts.

 Shared Email HostingVPS Email Hosting
Data Space250mb3000mb
Monthly Traffic1000mbUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Email ForwardingYesYes
Email AliasesYesYes
Account Level FilteringYesYes
User Level FilteringYesYes
Grey ListingNoYes
Virus ScaningNoYes
SPAM FilteringYesNo
Locally HostedYesYes
cPanel accessYesYes
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