VPS Hosting

Dedicated server power at shared hosting cost!!

High speed websites, also good for Streaming, High Graphics Content & Business Mailing.

Hosting technology that gives you more for your money, creating dedicated virtual containers within the same server or server network able to operate independently using the full servers power for all functions within each container.

Now included is the IDS Website builder: DEMO link here

What is VPS Hosting?
There are a few types of server configurations that are designed for different purposes and have various cost implications associated.

We at IDS Hosting have two main types and within this we still offer speciality packages for specific needs.

The two main types are shared and VPS Hosting.

More about shared hosting here.

VPS hosting short for Virtual Private Server, is a cost effective way to bridge the gap between Shared Hosting and a dedicated server. Shared hosting is thus when many users shared the same resources and dedicated is when a server is for your use only and not affected by other users. The former is cheaper and the latter is more expansive.

VPS allows for a lower cost at almost dedicated server power.

> The way this works is that you have a server or a network of servers with special software able to create 'containers' within the software, each container is a hosting package and operated independently of the adjacent virtual containers.

These containers can be set up in a number of ways and there requirements can be 'dialled in'

In this way we have a number of containers in a software environment that are relatively independent of each other, saying relatively as there are some situations under severe server conditions that can affect each other, but since all are on the same network this would be inevitable.

This solution is amazing as it allows so many more users into the more powerful server level at lower costs for there eCommerce, photographic etc businesses that would previously not be possible.
Revive adserver
Presta Shop



or R550/year

  • Space: 1gb
  • Bandwidth: 2gb/month

Hosted locally (SA) & suitable for all entry level websites. Plus the advantage of VPS power & resources.



or R1320/year

  • Space: 3gb
  • Bandwidth: 6gb/month

Hosted locally (SA) & suitable for small to medium sized websites & unlimited business emails. Plus the advantage of VPS resources.



or R2200/year

  • Space: 5gb
  • Bandwidth: 10gb/month

Hosted locally, suitable for medium to large sized websites & business. Plenty of space for many business email accounts. Plus the advantage of VPS.



or R4400/year

  • Space: 10gb
  • Bandwidth: 20gb/month

VPS is good for powerful websites and eCommerce platforms. VPS is similar to a dedicated server. Overage applies when ceiling is reached: @ R40/1gb space & R20/ 1gb bandwidth. Overage invoiced monthly.

More VPS info - Click here
Data Space 1gb 3gb 5gb 10gb
Monthly Traffic 2gb 6gb 10gb 20gb
FTP Account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Lists Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websiste Builder Premium Premium Premium Premium
1 Click restore from cPanel backup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virus Scanner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Locally Hosted Yes Yes Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Softaculous, 300+ porgram installer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Greylisting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terminal & CGI (on request) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leach Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
ModSecurity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Aliases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overage (space & bandwidth) No No No Yes
Reseller No No No Yes

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