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Email SMTP Services

Email SMTP Services is an important part of every business and can be overlooked to the possible detriment of the business as a whole without even knowing it can be a problem. SMTP service is primarily used for email marketing, but is becoming increasingly important for day to day business email. Getting your email to your client on time is of utmost importance. If you are battling to get emails to your clients, SMT services is the solution.

Email Marketing

IDS Now offers this service to be used by its clients and other interested parties to send bulk emails to there clients. Bulk emails can only be sent to opted in clients and users. Email SPAMMING is not accepted by us and we do not support it.

SMTP is the method used to send an email, hence SMTP services. This is a specialised service to send large quantities of emails or routine emails, but to make sure the emails are delivered, and able to monitor the delivery with feedback on what has gone wrong with the delivery if this info is required. there is a large amount of info that is available to monitor email delivery, but the main reason to use this service is to make sure your emails are delivered and on time, it is sent via email specialists who understand the details of this industry and pass this information on to us to benefit.

Email Sending

R 180 /month

Email SMTP Business

Emails/month: 10 000

30 days of email reporting

Track every email that you send, from start to finish, and get your emails into inboxes. See which of your valuable emails are bouncing or otherwise not reaching inboxes, and which recipients are unsubscribing or reporting your email as spam.
Email overage charged at R20/thousand

Email Campaigns

R 270 /month

Email SMTP Marketing

Emails per month: 40 000

50Mb Attachments

Suitable for Business Marketing Emailing. Full summary and  Activity reporting. Detailed Charts to understand email interactions. Bounce email reports and recording. Bounces to separate email account. Email statistics for opened, rejected, delivered, processed, hard and soft bounces. Create sub users for with configurable limits. Overage charge at R20/thousand.

Technical info to follow.
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