Professional Email Hosting

Professional Email Hosting Services

There are a number of instances where Website Hosting and Email Hosting is set up on different servers for various reasons. We recognise the need for this and have created hosting packages accordingly. Its Simple to use and setup the Professional Email Hosting facility backed by large and established International Email provider. The Email Hosting account can however be upgraded to include more space and additional email accounts at any time. This leaves your existing server control panel resources (if you have a panel) free for website loading improving and site user experience by your visitors. Keeping emails separate from the website and even keeping the DNS location separate is also a way to keep service online if one fails. Some might agree and others not, the choice is yours how to configure your account.

Email Archiving

Email Archiving is a must even with world renowned providers like Microsoft 365 its recommended. We offer two groups of arching which you can read about here: Email Archiving. We can never stress enough the value of archiving / backing up your Business Emails. We have the solution which includes many features, view our EMAIL BACKUP facility. This is not included in the Professional Email Service, it is a complimentary recommended service.
Why do you need Email Hosting, does all hosting accounts not include email facility?

Email hosting is a hosting facility that focuses on emails only, there are only email facilities and email related features included. Email Hosting includes an online Webmail facility where emails can also be viewed online as well as downloaded to any device/s.

When Email Hosting and Website hosting is done on different servers, the Email Hosting Service Domain is usually shortened for convenience of the users to remember and to type out. Typically, a website URL could be, and the email domain might be: For more advice please contact us.

Not every business wants a website online, and thus an email hosting facility is all that's required, and for simplicity sake, we can give you this, no fuss or bother.

Note, however that a full hosting package can also be used, and probably the best solution as a hosting package includes the facility to build a website and the free website builder when a website is required. The full hosting package can also be upgraded as more space and traffic is required.

There are many ways to structure your email only hosting account that will work for your situation. Feel free to contact us for some more options and advise.

Email Professional

R 10 /month/user

Corporate Email System

Space: 5Gb to 100Gb

Non cPanel

SPAM Control/Filtration

Admin Manager


Email Migration

Email Solution Specs

Email space from 5Gb to 100Gb

Gb SpaceZAR$US

An affordable email solution for all email user, from corporations to one off accounts. Easy to use and set up, access from multiple devices, branded webmail available on request on accounts with more that 20 email accounts. Low cost per Gb for lots of space for your email accounts.

Professional Email Solution

An Email Solution Independent of a Hosting Package

  • Quick to set up with filtration
  • Full SPAM control
  • Black and White Email Listing
  • Forwarding
  • and all the email functionality required.
  • Webmail with Branding if required.
  • Admin control can be allocated to an account if require.
  • Files and folders for data storage as well as email storage.
  • Contact for more info.

An email Account with your own domain is simple and inexpensive and every business and organisation can have one, many private groups and individuals also subscribed to custom domain email accounts. 

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