Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Email Archive, the new buzz word or is it?

With 3.5 million (2020) emails sent every second of every day, there must be some value in it. Emails is an extremely valuable source of information and as a result it should be stored safely, be searchable and not cost a lot of money.

At IDS Hosting we have been working with Emails for many years and researched the best possible ways to structure a cost effective email management and archiving system.

There are currently 5 ways to store your emails and we will run through them in the most concise way as possible. From this you can contact us with an informed approach to ask the right questions so we can set you up to what will work for your concerm.

Recommended Email storage Methods:

  1. eMail Client
  2. Hosting Server
  3. Hosting Server Archive
  4. Archive Personal (space)
  5. Archive Business (user)
  6. Archive Other

1.eMail Client

This method we usually do anyway, emails are downloaded from the server onto an eMail Client, like Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail etc on our devices such as PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. If the email account setup is POP3 the emails are physically downloaded on the device and from there can be copied to another location for archiving. This method is probably the most inexpensive, but very difficult to retrieve and depending on where the archived emails are kept could be the most at risk to get damaged or deleted.

2.Hosting Server

When emails are downloaded onto your own eMail client (like Outlook) on your device (PC, Laptop), the email client can be set up in a number of ways on what to do with the emails on the server. (a) eMails are left on the server, usually the default, (b) emails are deleted off the server after downloading, and (c) can be set to be left on the server for a number of days determined by yourself. Leaving emails on the server is fine as long as there is enough space on your hosting package, once this space is used up, then you could be incurring more costs, cost we call overage IDS Hosting. Overage is when you over run the space allocated in your subscribed hosting package. For example you have subscribed to a Business Package of 5Gb, you exceed 5Gb space used and overage charges are incurred, invoice month in arrears. These costs are usually quite small at R20/Gb, but can be quite substantial if left to accumulate. Archiving in the manner can be expensive with moderate risk of data loss or deletion.

3.Hosting Server Archive

Emails can be archived within your existing IDS Hosting Package, this is a cPanel function that has been activated for your convenience. Once configured emails are sent to your separate archive as per your requirements. You determine the Archived for period of time. These emails can be downloaded, viewed in your webmail and email client. Each email account can be set up individually and incoming and outgoing also separately. Space used is from the exiting hosting package although the archived file is compressed. There is a lot of documentation only to get more info on this functionality.

4.Archive Personal (space)

This email archiving method has been used by IDS Hosting clients for many years, although it does have its limitations its a good option to investigate.

The limitation here is space, you purchase archive space and the number email of accounts backed up are unlimited. There is only one administration panel and each email users does not have access to their own data. This method of arching works well when managed by at a central point.

Emails are downloaded from the hosting account daily. Emails set up on the mail client like MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc should be IMAP, this way all emails are synced back to the server for archiving. If POP is used to download emails to the email client only incoming is stored on the server for archiving.

There is a host of functionality which included:

  • Email account Migration
  • Email account restore
  • Email download in pst or eml format
  • Links to attachments
  • Advanced search

To find out more and look at cost structures here is a link to follow:

5. Archive Business (user)

This is a welcome addition to our growing list of Email Archiving Solutions.
This is a user based email archiving plan. Its purchased by user but grouped under an account such as a company managed by the account holder or representation who give access to each user there their archive as required.

Email User Accounts can be managed by department with various permissions levels, from read only to full administration privileges.

Once an account is created the number of users or seats are acquired, this is flexible and can be increased or decreased.

Space occupied is unlimited and duration is also unlimited as long as the subscription remains covered.

The functionality is large which included:

  • Email account Migration
  • Email account restore
  • Email download in pst or eml format
  • Links to attachments
  • Advanced search
  • and more

For more info here is link to our webpage where you can see up to date info and costs:

6.Archive Other

Archiving of emails does cost and thus how its archived depends on how important the data is to the end user. Legal requirements differ depending on the industry and how valuable a resource it is.

Archive other at this time is our Emails Archived via our SPAM EXPERTS which is viewed by many of our clients as significant and of extreme value.

The Archive emails in this way the emails will need to be scanned in or out or in and out. Emails are routed via SPAM EXPERTS and archived. Functionality is not as extensive as products numbers: 4 and 5 above but significant, an extremely cost effective archiving method.

For more information here is a link to our website:

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