Email Backup or Email Archive

Email Backup or Email Archive

The question would be if you are reading this is do I Backup or Archive or both?

To answer the question we need to know what is an Email Backup and What is an Email Archive?

What is an Email Backup?
Email backup is designed to be a short to medium term fail safe to quickly recovery of email files that may not be available due to unexpected data loss. This loss can be as a result of: accidental deletion, ransomware attack, losing access to emails due to: theft or sabotage. With email backup, users can typically select a date in time and restore a copy of any email or a group of emails.

What is an Email Archive?
An email archive provides ongoing access to long term business information which includes: email files, attachments, calendars and tasks. For many regulated companies such as financial services, healthcare or legal services, email archiving is required by law as it provides tools for including ways to make email records tamper-proof, searchable and retrievable in the event of an audit, inquiries or litigation.

How to choose between Backup or Archive.
We have a good idea on what the difference is although still many questions need to be answered.
However even though each each method has many more features not discussed yet, there should be a good idea of what you need.

Do I need to backup to be able to easily recover emails or do I need to backup to store emails. What if you need both, then Archive. Archive includes a Backup, a Backup is not an Archive. So why even have a Backup facility if an Archive includes a Backup? A backup only is simpler and its cheaper.

What does IDS Hosting offer and why?
IDS Hosting offers 3 types of Backups and Archiving.

  • Personal Email Backup
  • Business Email Backup
  • Business Email Archiving

Personal Email Backup
So why have a Personal Email Backup and a Business Email Backup?
The Personal Backup is based on Space, you purchase a set number of Gigabytes of space and in this space you can add as mail email accounts as you wish. Is the simplest and most effective Back Facility for low volume space requirements.

Business Email Backup
The Business Email Backup is based on the user and space is unlimited. If you have 50 emails accounts for example you need 50 users or seats as its also referred to. The advantage is space is not limited but it has the added advantage that each user can be given access to there own backup on the cloud while the Personal Email Backup there is one administrator over all email accounts.

Business Email Archive
The Archive facility has all the Business Backup Features plus the advantage of the Archiving. Some of the amazing features are: eDiscovery, Saved Searches, Compliance Tags, Retention Policy, Delegated Access, Group Access and a lot more.

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