Emails - What are my options

Emails - What are my options

Most people I think will say an email is just an email is just an email …. however the email system/servers are quite complex, and sending an email to a recipient through the various filters and firewalls trying to remove unwanted SPAM in itself is quite a feat. 

We would like to focus on what email services are available and why we recommend the service we do.

A good place to start would be what do you need an email for? Is this for personal use or professional use? How many emails do you send and receive? Do you keep/store your emails on the server or on your own device or both? Do you archive your emails or just hope that the emails on your email account or own device cannot be deleted or damaged?

There are many more such questions, than we realise, this process of selecting and using  email accounts needs a bit more thought then we generally give them.

I would like to categorise emails into 3 groups, and briefly discuss each.

Email Categories:

  1. Free email accounts.
  2. Emails combined with hosting, the all in one solution.
  3. Independent Email providers.

Free Email accounts.

Unfortunately what is free has its limitations, the main issue here is you cannot add your own domain, for some this is not a problem, for a business email account this is not a good idea. Free email account providers also add their own filters and you as the account holder cannot modify these, as a result some emails will not be sent or received. Free email accounts are not recommended, however its good to have one, especially a Gmail account as a backup or use it when you need to register an online account.

Emails combined with hosting, the all in one solution.

This is probably the most common way of creating email accounts with your own domain and quite cost effective, but while this does the job and we offer this product and is used extensively, we do not think its the best option, and in the long run not even the cheapest. Most, all-in-one solutions can be cost effective and can be a good product but can never compete with a specialist provider. Hence our third option will be what we recommend, please read on to see why.

Independent Email providers.

We believe that this option will check all the boxes when it comes to reliable value for money email service. Having emails hosted by an email specialist service is the best way to reduce email non delivery and outage risks. IDS Hosting has sourced such an independent email service after many months of research. 

We have had a lot of good results and feedback from our corporate clients who use our independent professional email service

The email facility works through a webmail interface and can set up groups and admins as required. The interface can also be branded if  required when requested.

For a full professional structure we recommend an Independent DNS, with our Professional Email Accounts and a Custom Hosting Package for a website as required.

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