FAQ Hosting

FAQ Hosting

We would like to answer a few HOSTING questions that we are asked frequently and that are asked very frequently on most search engines:

  • What is Hosting?
  • What is Hosting a domain?
  • What is hosting a website mean?
  • What is hosting a bandwidth?
  • What is hosting server?
  • What is WordPress?

These questions are asked thousands of times a day on search engines, we will give short simple answers to help you on your road to a better internet experience:

The questions above might seem a bit cryptic and incorrect grammar, but this is how thousands of internet users are asking the questions:

  1. What is Hosting? this question we have covered in another blog on this site, click this link and you will find the answer.
  2. What is Hosting a domain? As with a website, a domain (which is the websites address) also needs to be hosted somewhere. International domains such as .com & .net, .co, .org etc are hosted at the domain registrar, this means you can approach a domain registrar, like ENOM or Godaddy & purchase a domain without a hosting package, in a place to install a website. These domain hosts or domain registrar’s normally give you admin access to update the domains nameservers to point to a website. Your hosting company will give you the Name Server and then your domain is pointing to your website, this process can take up to 48 hours to resolve. BUT with our South African users, the CO.ZA registrar does not HOST YOUR DOMAIN, the domain is hosted with the hosting company, such as IDS HOSTING. The registrar only diverts the request to the hosting company. Thus in this case the domain host is the hosting company.
  3. What is hosting a website mean? The hosting company, which is the company that has access to a server, which is a computer with a hard drive (the space where data is kept) will place your website on its server, give it an allocation, so it can be found again, give it an address so those browsing the internet will have access to it. With all that said, it just means the hosting company, like us at IDS HOSTING, will place your website in a safe place and allow it to be seen on the internet via an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.
  4. What is hosting a bandwidth? This phrase does not really makes sense, but its how many have asked the question. Bandwidth or traffic as its also referred to is the amount of data that is or has passed a certain point of measurement. It is used to configure hosting packages for example. IDS HOSTING entry level package for example has a bandwidth of  4000mb for R20/month. Thus every calendar month 4000mb of data is allocated to your hosting account. Every time a website page is opened, a file is downloaded, email is sent or received, the size of that action is subtracted from your 4000mb. A website page is say 75kb in size, so when somebody opens that website, 75kb is subtracted from the 4000mb. At the end of the calendar, its reset to 4000mb again, no matter what its value is.
  5. What is hosting server? This is the server, or computer that’s specially made to keep your website & emails on. Servers normally have quite a number of hard drives, and large amounts of RAM.
  6. What is WordPress? This question is asked thousands of times on the search engines, we have answered this in more detail in another post.

I hope we have managed to answer a few of your questions.

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