What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

It is software that is used to publish blog websites!

Its very good software, open sourced thus cost effective and extremely flexible to do more than just blogs (web logs).

WordPress although best suited for blog websites, can be easily configure to be used for more traditional websites with many pages and a full menu structure, including a full shopping cart and many more really good plugins.

WordPress Content Managed websites have been around for a long time, so why blog about it?

To answer my own question, as a hosting company and web developers that primarily develops content managed websites (websites that can be edited easily via an admin or back-end facility) we have noticed a trend towards WordPress websites for a few reasons:

  • WordPress has many very accessible plugins, which can do many additional functions other than the core software such as contact page, forms, shopping, multiple templates… and thousands more!
  • The code is ‘light’ and takes a little space, quick to load
  • Our main interest is that its so SEO friendly, which means in a nutshell, the search engines, especially Google ‘likes’ it.
  • Extremely easy to edit & update.
  • and the latest development from WordPress is the multi-site, which is installing WordPress once, adding plugins & widgets once, but show them on multiple websites.

IDS WebDesign is focussing more on WordPress as a Content Managed Website solution  and have the in-house skills to develop the required templates.

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