Independent DNS?

Independent DNS?

Why is it better to use an independent DNS?

If you are reading this article you probably know what a DNS is.

Here is a brief reminder.

One of the functions of DNS - Domain Name System is an interface between us humans' way of doing things and the machine and its way of doing humans like using words instead of numbers, machines prefer numbers. So we use a word, we call a domain, eg to point to a number which is an IP address and vice versa.

Its the place where all the data traffic linked to a domain no matter what it is, can be emails, website traffic etc all come to the DNS, where it is sent to its correct destination. This destination can all be in the same place or in various locations. Eg a website in one place, emails in another, and the DNS can also be in a separate location.

Hence the reason for this brief article to give our views, based on many years of practical experience on why it is better to have a separate Domain Name System.

Here is a typical flow of information relating to the DNS server. The DNS server is pivotal in directing data traffic to the right place/s and can be used to improve performance and improve security thus reducing risk at a number of levels.

There are a number of independent DNS server providers and each has their range of features, but the basic functionality will all be the same.

Here are some features offered by IDS Hosting DNS.

  • DNS Servers: 8
  • Anycast DNS: 34
  • Multiple Zones
  • Multiple DNS records
  • DNS Queries: Unlimited
  • Mail Forwards: Upon request
  • DNS Failover: Upon request
  • Malware Management
  • Reverse DNS Zone
  • ENUM DNS Zones
  • Domain Parking
  • Secondary DNS Zone
  • Zone Export
  • Zone Import
  • Cloud/Bulk Zones
  • TTL Management
  • SOA Doman Settings
  • Statistics
  • Web redirects

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What is an Anycast server?
These are a collection of servers spread around the world, for this product, 34 are available, that share the same IP address. When you use the premium nameservers we supply, with a 'p' in front, the best location is selected for all round best performance and most secure.

This is also used if there is a DDOS attack where the load is spread and will thus have less affect on your website, keeping it online.

DNS Hosting  can thus have a 100% uptime due to the large amount of servers worldwide to catch traffic from one server and pass it on to another. Here is where your risk is reduced and uptime from a DNS point of view will be 100%. This will keep your website online and emails working 100% of the time by having no DNS failures. So keeping DNS separate from your hosting for the business that must stay online is imperative. 

You do not need to have a working knowledge of DNS although its a definite advantage but only need to understand the concept. IDS Hosting support can assist in setting your DNS, and very little will need to be done on the zone again, but to relax in the knowledge that your risks of downtime are reduced with the benefit of improved online speed and security. 

Additional advantages is the facility to park a domain, have statistics available, redirect a website which standard DNS facility cannot do, and more as indicated in the bullet points above. 

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